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We offer a selection of extras that you can add to your booking prior to arrival. Browse our extras below:

More Extras

We can organise a range of other extras for your booking. Browse the list below, please to contact us for more information.

Godshill Orchards

Island Cherries, Cherry Juice, Jams and Chutneys

1 litre 100% Cherry Juice @£5.00

227g Cherry Jam @£3.80

227g Cherry Chutney @£3.80

227g Apricot Jam @£3.80

227g Apricot Chutney @£3.80

Isle of Wight fruit, locally grown with love on the southern slopes of the Isle of Wight. There's a selection of handpicked Cherries, Apricots, Green Guages and Plums. Cherries have many health benefits, including antioxidents and anti inflammatory properties!

Along with our own orchard at Kingates Farm, we will endeavour to also supply Island fresh fruit that is available from mid June through to August, and can also be purchased from a selection of farm shops, farmers markets and supermarkets. 

Briddlesford Dairy

Briddlesford Dairy

190g Briddlesford Cheddar @£4.20

Made from rich, creamy Guernsey milk, matured for a minimum of 12 months.  Briddlesford cheddar has lots of fruit up front, giving way to a rich and buttery, grassy finish. It has a mild nutty flavour.

190g Briddlesford Gouda @£4.20

A semi-hard cheese, matured for a minimum of 2 months.

180g Briddlesford Haloumi Style £4.20

Briddlesford Halloumi is buttery, golden in colour and creamy.  It is visually striking and appealing with an appetising caramel smell.  Grill thick slices with a whole portobello mushroom, serve in a brioche bun with hummus, smoked pepper and rocket.

Other produce:

220g Stilton Cheese @4.20

A cow's milk British Stilton (as only IOW soft blue made locally), matured for 3 months.

300g Jacobs Biscuits for Cheese Selection £3.30

291g Nairns Rough Oatcakes £1.50